Universities - bastions of higher learning?

FOXNews - Yale students accustomed to competing for straight-A's will be vying for triple X's this weekend as they compete to win a porn-star look-alike contest. It's that time of year again: the return of the Ivy League school's controversial Sex Week. During eight days of programming, students can learn everything from how to achieve a state beyond bliss to the proper application of personal lubricants. And it's all free, once mom and dad have covered the $45,000 for room, board and tuition.
Thanks higher education, for 45 large you'd be right to expect them to teach your children to be free men and women, to stand and fight against evil, not to run and dive and keep running, instead you get a week of sex education. I don't know how much sex-education people need these days, when we've been around on this planet for thousands of years. It must be another one of life's great mysteries how we managed to procreate without sex-education for so long. How about a week at the nearest Army base, where the metrosexuals, pantywaists and girls can learn how to defend themselves and get over their gun-phobias. Heaven-forbid they might appreciate those that guarantee their coming professions and learn that freedom is not free. Perhaps that's a bit too much to handle for the little pets. No wonder western civilization is accelerating down the crapper.

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