Supporting Obama is About Feelings Not What He stands For.

We’ve all wondered why liberals support the same disastrous and failed programs of the left over and over again. Why do they fall for scams like man made global ice ages, and when that fails to materialize immediately fall for man made global warming? Why do they vote for far left nut cases, whose policies will damage the economy, keep them poor and dependant upon government, deprive them of their rights, their ability to defend themselves, weaken national defense, etc?

Well, one reason is that it's not about substance, facts, or issues, but rather it is about feelings like "hope" and "coming together". Nothing demonstrates this better than when an elected politician, who should know the facts and issues, has absolutely no clue as to why he's supporting Barack Obama in his effort to become the most powerful elected official in the world. Check out this video of Texas State Sen. Kirk Watson, as he attempts to explain why people should support Obama for president. It makes for a good laugh, but is instructive as to what the Obama movement is all about.

State Sen. Kirk Watson on Obama, courtesy of

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