Now we have the apology for an apology

Must not quote a black who is telling the truth on public record! And as for mentioning that PARENTAL CONSENT for child relocation was sought .... !

Federal Opposition leader Brendan Nelson has issued another very specific apology to a member of the Stolen Generations. In his speech in reply to the national apology this week, Dr Nelson referred to the story of a Victorian Aboriginal elder, Faye Lyman. But Ms Lyman says Dr Nelson did not ask her if he could use her story. When he incorporated it in what she describes as a "toxic speech", she says he took her comments out of context, misrepresented the way she was taken from her family, and made her feel "stolen all over again".

Dr Nelson phoned Ms Lyman to apologise for any offence he had caused. It was supposed to be a speech in support of saying sorry to the Stolen Generations but now Dr Nelson has had to apologise for his apology. On Wednesday he recounted part of the story of Victorian woman, Faye Lyman, a story she had given to the Many Voices oral history program at the National Library of Australia. "It was very hurtful to leave dad. Oh, it broke my heart. Dad said to me, 'It's hard for daddy and the authorities won't let you stay with me in a tent on the riverbank'," Dr Nelson recounted as Ms Lyman as saying, as part of his speech in Federal Parliament. "'You're a little girl and you need someone to look after you'. I remember him telling us that, and I cried, and I said, 'No, but Dad, you look after us'. "But they kept telling us it wasn't the right thing." ....

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