There's Blood In The Water, But Where Are The Sharks?

By AR - Kevin07 Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has spent a lot of time on how to take the "hassle" out of refinancing home loans: "Australian families told us they wanted less hassles if they were to switch their bank and this package delivers less hassles." But don't vote with your feet just yet, according to Swan the package could be "weeks" away - "It will take a little time for some banks to get their systems in place but they have said to me they will get cracking".

For the Treasurer to be so involved, this package is obviously a major plank in Kevin07's war against inflation. Isn't it? Says Swan, "The package won't do anything to bring interest rates down because we have elevated inflation and in addition to that, we've got the fall out from the US subprime crisis". Oops.

A junior minister should have been assigned to work on the "less-hassles-package" and leave the Treasurer to, well, manage the economy. Kevin07 are in panic mode... and they're getting away with it. There's blood in the water, but not a shark in sight. The coalition are too busy having love-ins discussing their feelings about saying sorry, when they should be savaging what is shaping up to be the most hopeless team of economic managers we've had since Whitlam.

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