State & Judiciary - Fend for yourself England

Daily Mail - Jails were declared absolutely full last night for the first time in history. Even court and police cells were packed as the number of prisoners rose to 82,068 - almost 100 above the official safety limit. The crisis is expected to trigger the early release of thousands of muggers, burglars and other convicts. In a desperate attempt to buy time, Jack Straw begged magistrates to imprison fewer offenders. But magistrates refused point-blank to help him out of the shambles - saying they would continue to hand down whatever sentence they saw fit. The Magistrates' Association said it did not react kindly to being placed under "pressure" by ministers.
Daily Mail - A judge listening to graphic details of an immigration centre riot yesterday warned that Britain had lost control of its borders "for the first time since 1066". Christopher Elwen gave the dramatic assessment after four foreign nationals were cleared of masterminding the "rampage" at Harmondsworth removal centre. Two of the men were jailed for the millions of pounds worth of damage caused during the huge disturbance, which left large parts of the 555-bed West London centre wrecked.
10 short years folks, 10 short years of leftist rule, now they have no guns, no protection, no justice, more taxes, the economy much worse than Americas', the criminals let out early and their borders are a shambles. Earlier I read that the UK is going to strengthen its citizenship rules, a sort of reinforcing the barn door after the horses, donkeys and all the farm animals had bolted about a year ago. Apparently this is going to affect us Aussies who wanted to move to Britain, something about ancestry ties, I couldn't help but think, who would want to go and live there now. Just 10 short years of leftist rule, that's all it takes folks, just 10 short years.

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