Muslim medics refuse to roll up their sleeves in hygiene crackdown--because it's against their religion:

"Health officials are having crisis talks with Muslim medical staff who have objected to hospital hygiene rules because of religious beliefs.
Medics in hospitals in at least three major English cities have refused to follow the regulations aimed at helping tackle superbugs because of their faith, it has been revealed.

Women medical students at Alder Hey children's hospital in Liverpool objected to rolling up their sleeves when washing their hands and removing arm coverings in theatre, claiming it is regarded as immodest."
Daily Mail UK
"immodest" eh....apparently there's nothing immodest about their infidel patients dying from infections because these primitives put religion before basic hygiene.
And would those same health officials be "having talks" with Christian or Hindu or atheist medical staff who refused to follow infection guidelines?
The hell they would.

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