When will women learn?

Last night A Current Affair had the story of a stupid bitch who married a muslim pig, had a child with him, and then watched as said muslim pig kidnapped her daughter and stole her away.

Of course that begs the question of what the fuck is wrong with you women? Why the fuck are you still marrying these muslim savages and then wondering why they ‘change’ on you. Here’s a hint, you stupid molls – THEY DON”T CHANGE! That is how they really are and you are either too fucking blind to see through their bullshit act or you are too fucking stupid to understand what islam really is.

I propose legislation that any non-muslim woman converting and/or marrying a muslim should be stripped of her citizenship and deported to a muslim shithole of her owner’s…sorry…. her husband’s choice. That way there is no need to steal any children because they are already there.

Now I am loathe to rely solely on ACA’s reporting, but even if they didn’t edit the interview to display the Australian consular official in Egypt in the worst possible light, his performance was still a disgrace. That little girl is an Australian citizen and has been kidnapped by a bunch of savages. You can organise yourselves to evacuate terrorist pig fuckers and their treasonous allies and sympathisers from Lebanon when Israel unleashed their righteous fury upon them (and not even charge them for it) but you can’t do anything to help this little girl? Piss poor.

And my next point is addressed to people like Dick Smith (I don’t want to single him but I can’t think of any other names at this point. Please post them in the comments and I’ll update accordingly) who gave money/support to that terrorist piece of shit Mohammed Dawood.

Hey Dick – Why are you so concerned about a piece of human filth like that traitor Dawood? Why not put your hand in your pocket to help an innocent little girl. You know, someone who hasn’t betrayed her country and plotted to kill her fellow citizens.

Or is it that you and your kind are only concerned with the well being of terrorists and traitors so you can ‘stick’ it to the Howard government and the United States, and an innocent little girl doesn’t fit in with that?

Fucking pathetic from everyone involved.

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