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Remember yesterday I posted about Union brat Greg Combet; he was throwing a bit of a teary tantrum over the treatment his mates in the unions were dishing out to him as he was leaving the unions for a nice soft job in the nice soft Labor seat of Charlton. “Arseholes” he labeled them choking back tears, how could they after he had devoted his entire life to the Unions.

Well as soon as the tears had been wiped away and the gold watch and crystal decanter changed hands, the emotional Combet was off on his new adventure; bugger whoever gets in the way.
He will be formally endorsed by the party's national executive tomorrow and after being preselected will quit the ACTU "in due course". Mr Combet's endorsement has angered sitting member Kelly Hoare and other local members of the Labor party are dismayed at the way last week's national conference pulled rank over the local branch to install Mr Combet.

Ms Hoare also warned of a voter backlash against the latest out-of-towner to be parachuted into a marginal Labor seat, and said he would have to convince the locals he is one of them. When asked today he could not even name the main street that runs through the heart of the electorate.
So let’s see now, the sitting member Kelly Hoare is sacked, the locals are told to take a hike and Greg Combet is helped into her still-warm seat. And he doesn’t even know the main street of this town. Hoare goes on to label this move to blow her out of the water as “treacherous” and lacks “any concept of decency”; I think “Arseholes” summarizes it much better. At best some are more equal than others, at worst Combet’s mates, who he was whining about earlier, were just learning from the master.

But wait there’s more; remember Rudd and Labor are incessantly whining about John Howard’s IR laws, working families, unfair dismissals and all that. Well according to this evening’s SBS World News, Kelly Hoare, she is the sole incomer earner in her family and she has been sacked. Whatever happened to unfair dismissal and workers rights; this is what Kevin Rudd and Greg Combet have been banging on about for the last few months, yet here they are throwing out one of their own onto the scrap heap.

If this is what Kevin Rudd’s IR policy is going to be like, no thanks, I’ll take work choices and unfair dismissals any day. By the way the PM has decided to listen to the public and address their concerns by softening his IR laws. This has obviously been dismissed by Rudd, I think he just can’t think of anything better and is sour that he didn't think of it.
“Mr Howard is talking about a fake safety net, full of holes to be policed by a fake independent umpire,” he said.
Has anyone else ever noticed that Rudd seems to only have one-liners, I’ve seldom heard the guy actually say anything substantial, all I ever hear from him is one-liners about black & white and nonsense about beavers, oh and I almost forgot, bloody working families. I don’t know, but is he angling for a standup spot on Australia’s Got Talent?

Oh and can someone ask Mr. Rudd if he has ever come across a net that is not full of holes, I know I haven’t.

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