Vaginal laser rejuvenation & Female genital mutilation, the same?

In Bangladesh, Muslim fanatics throw acid in the faces of unveiled women; in Nigeria, newly established shariah courts condemn women to death by stoning for having sex outside of wedlock. . . . In the United States, Protestant evangelicals and fundamentalists have forged a powerful right-wing political movement focused on banning abortion, stigmatizing homosexuality and limiting young people's access to accurate information about sex.

I think that the oppression of women is universal. I think we are bonded in every single place of the world. I think the conditions are exactly the same [her emphasis]. I think the nature of the oppression--whether it's acid burning in one country, or female genital mutilation in another, or gang rapes in the parking lots in high schools of the suburbs--it's the same idea. . . . The systematic global oppression of women is completely across the globe.

I went from Beverly Hills where women were getting vaginal laser rejuvenation surgery--paying four thousand dollars to get their labias trimmed to make them symmetrical because they didn't like the imbalance. And I flew to Kenya where [women were working to stop] the practice of female genital mutilation. And I said to myself, "What is wrong with this picture?"


Christina Hoff Sommers, writing in The Subjection of Islamic Women, exposes these feminist gasbags for what they are. It's a long read but well worth it, I actually see this as an additional "soft power" method at tackling Islamic fundamentalism, which I hope will appeal to the no-war crowd. This is not to say our military option, of killing jihadists whenever we can, should be shelved in favor of just supporting women’s liberation in the Arab world.

Because wearing t-shirts with slogans like “keep your rosaries off my ovaries” and burning bras is easy here in the western world. Them Catholics are happy for you to have your say, but over in rural Wackistan, Jihad Yusuf reaches for his AK or his switch blade to win the argument.

By the way this article is dated 21 May 2007, lest I also be accused of banging on about "last month's talking point?", carrying someone else’s bags or insulting anyone’s searing intellects.

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