I need to get onto this band wagon

You would think this is common sense, but I guess we need to do the research and spend thousands of dollars to prove everything these days. I mean I could have told them this.
AN Australian-first study has successfully linked teacher performance with student results, bolstering the Federal Government's efforts to introduce performance-based pay. It found that classes taught by the best teachers scored twice as high as those taught by substandard teachers. The top 10 per cent of teachers were able to achieve in six months what the bottom 10 per cent of teachers took more than a year to do.

The study, to be released today by the Australian National University, debunks claims by teacher unions that teacher performance cannot be confidently measured by looking at the results their students achieve in universal tests. It also finds that additional qualifications, such as a masters degree, which are increasingly being suggested as the basis for performance-based pay, have little effect on results.
Is this supposed to be shocking news to people, to explain this another way, when you sign up at your local Karate school, first, you want the master to know what he’s banging on about. Second if he’s no good at teaching his skill, then you’ll pretty much be where you started on day one, just a lot more frustrated. Well if, good teachers equates to good education for students, is news to people, then I guess you’ve been informed. Needless to say, the unions and mad left will be whining about this. While I’m on the subject of whining leftists, over in the UK.
Gordon Brown is to risk a backlash from environment campaigners and the Labour Left by endorsing a blueprint for a new generation of nuclear power stations.
Oh dear, brace yourself Gordon, nothing like the Nuclear alternative to get the mad left to go into meltdown, dontcha know, Nuclear = bad, humans = bad. Look to wind and the sun for answers, though not the sun as an answer for what’s causing global warming, let’s not 'progress' too much now, down with the motor car, death to the motor car.

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