Sydney, Australia - Closed

This is just embarrassing, what a bunch of useless bludgers we have as our state government. Regular AWH readers would know by now that I don’t usually blog much about our state government, but this is just too embarrassing. It’s pretty well known that leftists can’t do anything right, in the 12 years they’ve run this state, they have stuffed the roads, health and public transport to name a few.

These bludgers will tell us constantly at every election campaign about working families, working families, working families and how we are headed in the right direction until they are blue in the face or we switch off. Ok we’ll cop that, but this is too much, they have embarrassed us in the way only stupid incompetent leftists can.
THE massive APEC summit should be held in Canberra instead of Sydney, the NSW Government says. Transport Minister John Watkins said Sydney had little to gain from hosting the September summit which would disrupt the lives of thousands of people.

Mr Watkins said the summit would provide nothing tangible to the people of Sydney and the business community of Sydney. "I would have much preferred if the invitation had been offered by Canberra and these world leaders were in our national capital, not here in Sydney," he said.
So here we are; the biggest city in Australia, home to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, landmarks that people spend thousands to visit and take a picture off. We have world leaders and their dignitaries coming, the hotels are booked out. These folks are coming to see Australia, I mean we are talking the likes of George Bush, they are coming to our country, to our city and the best we can come up with is, and we’d rather you didn’t. Because of our incompetence at handing the roads and our inability to plan and manage, you can keep your millions of dollars and go elsewhere.

I mean how stupid are these leftists, it’s like a business turning away paying customers, any fool out there with half a brain cell would know never to turn away paying customers. Anyway after much criticism from our PM John Howard, who obviously has forgotten more about global reputation and business sense than all these twits put together know, it seems they have come up with a plan of sorts.
The Daily Telegraph can reveal that instead of coming up with a plan to avoid the expected transport woes, the Government has ordered Tourism NSW to produce a campaign with the slogan, "Get Out of APEC Weekend". It is understood industry operators will offer package deals and special rates to encourage Sydneysiders to leave the city during the long weekend of September 7-9 "to avoid the disruptions".
I know, it’s such a shameful plan, imagine these fools were in charge of planning a family wedding, I mean how hard can it be. The best they got is when guests arrive, the hosts have to leave, NSW is officially closed for business people, we just can’t handle it, we cannot improve, we can’t expand, we can’t accommodate, we have just reached the limits of our capability, this is as good as it gets. And if you think this half-assed plan is going to deflect some of the embarrassment think again, the following is from the Voice of America, we’re talking the United States of America. The folks I met while I was there knew Australia and Sydney and they all have Australia on their list of must-see destinations.
The government of the Australian state of New South Wales has predicted that the APEC summit in Sydney in September will cause misery for thousands of residents. State leaders have said the aggravation will not be worth the effort and insist that the three-day meeting of some of the world's most powerful leaders should be held in the Australian capital, Canberra. Phil Mercer reports from Sydney. The three-day summit in early September will pump millions of dollars into the local economy.
It’s too embarrassing to read the rest. The world knows Sydney, the capital of Australia and we have these boneheads in charge telling the world, it’s too hard and it cannot be done. I wonder what they must be thinking now.

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