The leopard keeps its spots.

For a while now, many of us have been pretty surprised that Labor has had such a good run in the opinion polls. Prime Minister Howard looked like he was constantly playing off the back foot, whatever he said seemed to have no effect on Kevin Rudd’s popularity. It seemed the ‘Dream Team’ of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard couldn’t make a mistake; they put on quite a show for us about how much they’ve changed from the old days. Remember that lunatic Mark Latham, after he turned on them so viciously, we all had our doubts about the party that chose him to lead us. But the Dream Team seemed different, the Greens were forced to take one for the team and they shafted some unions on education and some of the commies amongst them on private schools.

But when I heard them keep mentioning ‘Working Families’ over and over, the Leftist-BS meter starting going off, you see when leftists mention your group, that’s code for, you’re group is going to get screwed. I think many of us did overlook the BS meters findings for a little while, but it seems nothing’s wrong with the Leftist -BS detector; the leopard is still unwilling to change its spots.
Ms Gillard, the Opposition's workplace relations spokeswoman, warned business it could be "injured" if it chose to become a propagandist for John Howard on industrial relations. Ms Gillard yesterday raised concerns that business could become propagandists for Mr Howard in an election year.

"I'd be concerned if the business community got itself into the political fray," she said. "I'd be concerned if they became, if you like, propagandists for Mr Howard. I don't think that is a wise position for Australian business to put itself in."

Ms Gillard said that during an election year, the political contest was a "pretty hard, fast place to be". "It's a contact sport, if you like, with a lot of injury," she said. "I don't think it's a wise place for Australian business to be out on the field in the fray getting those injuries on the way through."
Sounds like it’s a veiled threat of physical force there, injury, contact sports, we’ll get you if you don’t back off, looks like you can take Latham out of the party but you can’t take the bully-boy nature out of the party. Imagine the squealing if John Howard had made such threats against the Unions doing the bidding of the Labor Party, although it looks to be the other way round in reality.

I sure hope working families are listening, if Labor gets its way, it’s not just big business that’ll get the kick, a BHP can take it to some extent, but can you and small business? I may be wrong but I think this is Kevin Rudd’s undoing, read the full article to see what I mean, particularly what a Rod Eddington is not saying. Also here’s another article on a Fred McMurray, MD of a Perth based company that employs over 100 workers. I think it’s best if Rudd starts shopping around for body armor, for when he lands on his ass.

Last note to the folks out there, don’t bother voting for the Greens, those losers will be cuddling up to Labor no matter how many times they get kicked.

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