Don’t hold your breath Kiwis

I remember reading last week that New Zealanders won’t be getting any tax cuts this year, even though their government is operating in surplus. One would have thought that since it’s their own money, it would be nice to get some of it back to do with as they please.
Any prospect of a cut in personal income tax rates in Thursday's Budget was emphatically ruled out by Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday. The earliest a general tax cut might be signalled is in next year's Budget - an election year - and Finance Minister Michael Cullen reiterated yesterday that any cuts then would need to be sensible and affordable. Final confirmation that Labour will not deliver personal tax cuts in this Budget came from Helen Clark, who yesterday affirmed signs that have been coming from Dr Cullen.
Ok I thought, maybe next year they’ll get something, election year and all that, well guess again Kiwis, I wouldn’t be holding my breath for any tax relief. It’s the Greens you see.
Prime Minister Helen Clark expects to stay onside with the Green Party, despite its reminder that there is just one more Budget for the Government to deliver on its promises or face a possible withdrawal of co-operation. Green co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons said the party expected the Government would fulfill all its promises, but if it did not the party could consider itself released from its agreement to abstain on confidence and supply votes.

Ms Fitzsimons would not list specific areas in which she thought the Government had fallen short of promises. However, there was dissatisfaction over last week's Budget, which Ms Fitzsimons said took only "teensy weensy" steps over climate change and fell far short of Labour's goal of becoming carbon neutral.
Lets just cut through all the waffle about promises, negotiations, good faith and all that, the mad left want their pound of flesh and let me assure you, while Helen Clark and the Greens kiss and make up, you’re going to get screwed. That is one thing you can bet on, but look on the bright side, you’ll be carbon neutral.

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