You can’t take Latham out of the leftists.

It’s in their nature you see; I burst out laughing when I read this bit of pouting by a leftist. It’s amazing how leftists can use bully-boy tactics whenever they feel like it, but when they get a bit of their own medicine and especially when it’s from their own, suddenly they go all weak kneed and teary eyed. Like a spoilt toddler, they suddenly become all clingy and whiny and stamp their feet and it’s just so unfair and you all just suck!!!
AUSTRALIA'S union chief Greg Combet broke down during a highly emotional speech yesterday, accusing "arseholes" of undermining the ACTU while he agonised over his planned switch to a safe Labor seat at this year's federal election. At one point he broke down, finding it difficult to speak as he declared how he had devoted his life to the union movement and railed against "shameful" behaviour.
Such drama queens and kings, perhaps he should have taken note of how things are done amongst leftists. Somebody get the pacifier and give baby a hug, people are staring.

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