The Quantum of Solace

There's an interesting post and subsequent discussion at Gates of Vienna about the situation in Europe--specifically Sweden, Norway and Denmark--regarding the effects of muslim immigration.
One prediction is that Sweden's welfare state will collapse. Which seems entirely believable, since Swedish productivity is falling, the welfare bill is rising and is being funded by debt. Unlike Norway Sweden doesn't have oil reserves to fund their lavish level of welfare.
When welfare is cut back or fails entirely the "disaffected youth" of the muslim ghettoes, deprived of their "entitlements" are going to riot. They'll be blocked from simply walking into Denmark (which has far more restrictive immigration policies than Sweden) and France and Germany have lower levels of welfare and at least minimal qualifying criteria to be met.
Some commenters feel that civil war is inevitable, that Europe will fracture into warring mini-states with Christians vs muslims being the faultline.
I doubt it, for a number of reasons.
Westerners have little sense of identity left, especially in Europe. For a civil war to happen they'd need to identify the enemy first and their own culture has made this difficult, if not impossible. Who is the enemy, when you've had multiculturalism rammed down your throat for several generations? How to gather the resolve to fight when you've been indoctrinated with the idea that most followers of the ideology that's destroying your culture and your homeland are basically peaceful?
Ways and means? In Bosnia and Chechnya for example the muslims had (have?) a well-organised, well funded supply of arms and supplies. A largely disarmed native population has no such supply line and no prospect of establishing one. Who would fund it?
Short of massive defections by the armies of Sweden, Denmark, France and Britain there's no readily available supply of arms.
The will to fight: I'm not talking about sporadic riots here. There are always groups which will take to the streets and indulge in spontaneous mayhem in any culture. But...most Westerners have become soft and complacent, fed a diet of crap television programs, moral relativism and easy lifestyles based largely on credit. Not many of us would take up arms if the result would be a fucked credit rating....
Rather than civil war the course of events would be more likely to follow a slow slide into numbed acceptance of some degree of sharia "law", (while being assured by the political masters that such an accommodation was in the interests of "cohesion" and "harmony" and whatever other weasel-words the bureaucrats and spin-doctors manage to dream up) , major restrictions on freedom of speech and a slow dismantling of the local culture in order to avoid friction with muslims.
Which brings me to the title of this post.
I'm tired of hearing about the guns in someone's closet, of hearing how we'll one day rise up and tell the gummint to fuck off. Of how we'll round up radical muslims at the point of a gun.
No we won't. The gun in the closet is our safety-valve, our "quantum of solace". Should any one of us pick it up in order to take the law into our own hands (where it properly belongs, in my opinion and make no mistake about it) then we'll be picked off either singly or in small groups by our own Governments. The police and the army will do the government's bidding.
Singly and in small groups because there'll be no mass uprising. No mass uprising because there's no sense of community left, no willingness to risk anything for the good of our societies.
We've been effectively neutered by our success here in the West, by years of easy living and years of indoctrination by leftist teachers and self-serving apparatchiks. We'll be glued to our televisions while the Morality Police patrol the streets looking for uncovered women to stone and we'll shrug and say "they asked for it--they know the rules."
I'm sometimes glad to be old.

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