For a loser who doesn’t know any better

Sorry America, especially to the families of the Virginia Tech shooting victims, I’m sure most Australians are saddened by what happened at Virginia Tech and would not condone the actions of the killer or this loser Ryan Lambourn. Unfortunately in this modern world of communications, every fool can have their time in the spotlight.
A 21-year-old Sydney man has created the first known computer game based on the recent shooting spree at Virginia Tech university in the US, sparking a wave of criticism. The game follows Cho Seung-hui's killing spree at Virginia Tech in April, in which he killed 32 people before turning a gun on himself.

Mr Lambourn today backpedalled on previous demands for money in exchange for the game's deletion, describing the ransom as a joke. He said no one had taken him up on his offer. The unemployed man said he created the game for "laughs" and that he had previously composed music relating to other events such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin last year. Mr Lambourn said he would not take down the game under any circumstances, including if he received a request from the victims' families.

"I'm afraid not," he said, but added: "I hope they'd never do that." He said he empathised with the killer and that he, like Cho, had been a victim of abuse and bullying at high school. He described himself as a self-taught animator who was supported financially by his mother who still lives in the US.
Yeah that means he’s a loser, probably a bludger living on welfare off our hard earned taxes and an attention starved fool as well. Ignore the ranting of this fool, treat this fellow like you would animal droppings stuck to the heel of your shoe.

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