Some babies are more equal than others

I don’t know a lot about Abortion, but I do know there are lots of varying opinions on it. Some believe it should be allowed, we need abortion on demand, it must be fully funded by the tax payer, freely available, otherwise we live in a totalitarian state, etc. Some believe it should be legal during certain times of pregnancy or only if the mother’s life is at stake or if the mother was raped.

In my understanding of the Christian faith it should not be allowed. I tend to think that these laws that were handed down to us are there for a reason. But then we won’t have any of that, some God somewhere, said blah blah, who cares, we’ll do our own thing; don’t impose your beliefs on me, etc. We know liberals or leftists, who are usually all for any way to end human life, are naturally supportive of abortion. The mad left will fight tooth and nail to kill babies in any possible way under any pretense because as we know they hate humans, not themselves, just you and me.
Every year in March, the United Nations has a two-week Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) session on women's issues. The session usually concludes with an interminable debate about "reproductive rights", and this year's (the 51st) was no exception. Radical feminists subscribe to an overriding verity: abortion on demand is fundamental to "women's rights".
Perhaps the good Lord might be sitting up there watching us and thinking, I told them not to go their own way, but do they listen? Well let’s see how they figure this one out, they wanted to make their own laws and they wanted all the power for themselves, let’s see how they deal with the responsibility then.
However, feminists have been mugged by an unpleasant reality: the overwhelming number of abortions in the world are of female foetuses, victims of sex-selection abortions. So non-government organisation (NGO) feminists at the UN have come up with a new most estimable slogan: killing a "girl child" in the womb is "the most extreme form of violence against women".

One of UNIFEM's publications on eliminating violence against women begins with an acknowledgment that the abortion of females is violence against women and girls: "The range of violence against women and girls is devastating, occurring quite literally from womb to tomb. It includes: abortion of female babies."
Well, there can be only one of two options here then, either say that abortion on demand is not a woman’s fundamental right OR aborting baby boys is ok, big green tick for that one, but girl babies is a big no-no.

Judging by the moral bankruptcy and pig-stupidity of the abortion-on-demand crowd, they will choose option 2, we are talking baby boys you know. So wrong meeting son, it’s not on our agenda, try the door at the end of the fire escape or email someone who cares. Anyone care to guess how many boy babies will have to be sacrificed before they have a brain explosion.

Thanks to Mark Peters.

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