You’re on the right track Pete

Tax cuts, tax cuts, here we go again, as the Howard-haters keep telling us we’re all going down the crapper, it’s all over, etc Peter Costello has delivered his twelfth budget, as before check your wallet. I for one am looking forward to carrying around a little extra once these tax cuts kick in and to spend/save it as I see fit. I’d much rather they didn’t take all the tax in the first place, but I’ll take what I get.

As always, there are lemons aplenty, never a shortage of whinging and carping from the half-empty crowd. Heck, even wet-behind-the-ears Kevin Rudd had enough brains to give these lemon suckers the boot.
Conservation groups last night condemned the Budget for failing to face up to the enormity of climate change. The Australian Greens said Mr Costello had been negligent and reckless in responding to global warming.

“There is no change to the absurd situation that massive subsidies to the fossil fuel industry swamp the few token efforts that seek to create the impression of action on climate change,” Greens climate spokeswoman Christine Milne said.

Greens leader Bob Brown said the financial blueprint actually contained only $281 million in extra funding for the environment. “There is no recognition in this budget that the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment,” Senator Brown said.
I heard an interview on the radio yesterday afternoon with Bob Brown, he took some time out from sipping on his sugar-free lemon juice to whine about how little was being spent to save the planet. I was amused to hear him whining that the government had billions and billions of dollars to spend, but only gave a few hundred million for the environment. On and on it went and I couldn’t help wondering about all those billions he is carping on about, why don’t you do it Bob, you go, get elected make those billions and you can spend it on saving the polar bears and solar-powered toilets if you like.

The Howard-Costello team were elected by us, to manage our economy and our money and our country, they are entitled to spend it according to what they judge are the priorities. But in typical leftist fashion, someone else makes the money, manages it well and pays off the debt, but the Greens think they have some gaia-given right to decide how it should all be spent.

Unfortunately for you Bob, the electorate is wise enough to know that any fool can spend money, but not many can actually make that money, so go back to the lemons and be grateful they gave you a few million.

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