VC hero Gurkha banned from living in Britain 'because he has no strong ties with UK'

His courage in the face of almost certain death made him a war hero and deservedly earned him the Victoria Cross.

Tul Bahadur Pun's extraordinary act of valour while fighting the Japanese during World War Two even won him royal admirers. He was invited to the Queen's Coronation and had tea with the Queen Mother.

Yet despite his illustrious service record, when the ailing 84-year-old former Gurkha soldier applied for permission to live in Britain he was refused by government officials.
Amazingly, British officials in Nepal told the wizened old warrior who put his life on the line for King and country: "You have failed to demonstrate that you have strong ties with the UK."

Lawyers acting for Mr Pun, along with 2,000 former Gurkhas, will appeal his case before the immigration courts in London in August.

Meanwhile the elderly gentleman, who suffers from a range of serious health problems, must hope he can survive the intervening months in his ramshackle home in Nepal 4,000 feet up a mountain.
Daily Mail UK

This is an unspeakable act of bastardry, even for a government with a reputation for treating their soldiers like shit.
These cunts are happy to fund hordes of fucking arabs and their spawn, so much so that one "radical cleric" can afford to live in a house worth around a million dollars while preaching hatred of the society that supports him.
But this Ghurka has "failed to demonstrate that he has strong ties with the UK", according to some bureaucratic piece of shit.
Perhaps if Mr. Pun and his supporters were to establish a radical mosque in the heart of London and encourage young men to become suicide bombers THAT would establish some "strong ties"?
If we fail to stand up for this man may God forgive us. Because our descendants certainly won't.
(I make no apologies for my language--if something like this won't move us to incandescent rage, then what will?)

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