Put down the egg son!!

The same thing happens here in Australia, hopefully not at the same degree though. If you open the lines on talkback radio about minor offences like parking infringements and the like, the lines will be running white hot with angry citizens in minutes.
The Police Federation of England and Wales said judging officers on the number of arrests, cautions and fines they achieved was causing them to "criminalise middle England", by taking action on minor behaviour which would have been dealt with by discretion and common sense a decade ago. These include:
  • A Cheshire man who was cautioned by police for being "found in possession of an egg with intent to throw"
  • A child in Kent who removed a slice of cucumber from a tuna mayonnaise sandwich and threw it at another youngster was arrested because the other child’s parents claimed it was an assault
  • A woman in the West Midlands arrested on her wedding day for criminal damage to a car park barrier when her foot slipped on her accelerator pedal
  • The child in Kent who was arrested for throwing buns at a bus
  • A 70-year-old Cheshire pensioner - who had never been in trouble with the law - who was arrested for criminal damage after cutting back a neighbour’s conifers too vigorously
  • Two Manchester children who were arrested under firearms laws for being in possession of a plastic toy pistol
As it is we are surrounded by legislation, everywhere you turn, can’t do this, can’t do that, only between this time and that time, rules, rules and more bloody rules, with few to enforce them and you’re always watching your back incase some bastard with a notebook gives you a ticket and doesn’t give a rats ass what your excuse was. Write a letter they tell you, they’ll understand, yeah sure, some machine at the other end sends you out some standard piece of paper telling you to cough up or else.

If you refuse to pay up, God help you, they will pursue you to the ends of the earth, they will screw you till your great grandchildren wish they weren’t born. I only wish they would pursue child molesters and rapists with the same fervor.

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