Teaching 'becoming too feminised'

An academic believes research needs to be carried out into why men are shying away from becoming teachers.

Fewer than 10 per cent of the early childhood and primary school teachers graduated at a recent ceremony at Massey University.

Pro Vice-Chancellor of Massey's College of Education James Chapman said there is a lot of speculation about why men are not getting into teaching.

He said some of his female colleagues say the curriculum has become so feminised, men do not feel comfortable with it.

Professor Chapman says the Government needs to commission some solid research into the issue for the good of the country's children.
NZ Herald

More research. More taxpayer's money to examine the bloody obvious. Then they'll have a dozen or so conferences and working papers and seminars and meetings, all to "discover" what any parent or interested observer could have pointed out for nothing--that the whole PC mess that passes for education simply isn't working.
It isn't just the curriculum that's become feminised. Society as a whole has adopted feminine values that place some kind of mythical "safety" above all else, that try to deny human nature and instead mould kids according to some utopian dream that never has and never will work.

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