Separation of Church and State?

Hell yeah, just not to be confused with separation of Mosque and State though, them post-modern, post-God Europeans are brave to stick their tongues out at the peaceable Christians and let a bit of Jew bashing go on in the name of diversity. But the jury’s still out on how they convince Jamal Jihad brandishing his switchblade that the Mosque needs to stay out like all the other religions.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she has "given up hope" of having a reference to Europe's Judeo-Christian heritage enshrined in the new version of the European Union constitution.

However, any attempt to mention Christianity or God in the treaty has been strictly opposed by secular France, liberal countries such as Sweden and Denmark and by Britain. During the 2004 negotiations on the bloc's original constitution, there were concerns that any religious reference could anger Europe's Muslims and Jews.
If the Jews have any brains, they’ll know they had stuff-all to do with repelling the Jesus-lovers. Give it a few decades and you’ll see secular France and Britain will suddenly find this new urge to let a bit of Sharia-lite into the EU constitution, if there still is one by then.

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