Youbert Hormozi, 53, died of a heart attack after he was bashed by two 14-year-old girls on January 31 last year. The cousins, who cannot be named, had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before they caught Mr Hormozi's cab in southwest Sydney.

After refusing to pay the fare, they punched and kicked the father of two, whose left arm was paralysed by an earlier stroke. The girls left him injured on a road in Canley Heights before stealing his taxi and crashing it.

Mr Hormozi died at the scene. The girls were arrested the next day after one boasted: "I've been on the news. We killed the taxi driver."

The judge said they both came from violent families and had started consuming alcohol and cannabis at an early age. Justice McClellan sentenced both girls to a maximum of six years and ordered they serve at least 3-½ years.


I wonder if the courts take into consideration what sort of life a victim had. I mean since we go all soft and weak-kneed when we hear someone had a tough life so it wasn’t their fault for becoming a violent scumbag, I would have thought we should take into consideration what sort of life the taxi driver had. Perhaps he got the odd kick when he was young, perhaps he was bullied, perhaps he was hard done by or something and now to add to all this; he’s been killed. I’m only saying this because I don’t know what will make our courts impose an appropriate sentence let alone a harsh one.

Should we start bringing in mandatory sentences? I’m not keen on mandatory sentencing but what else can we do when they simply refuse to listen. Youbert Hormozi’s family now have to deal with this, their father and husband has been taken away and the best we got is, tough, the killers will be out in 2009. And to add insult to this, the killers and their families will remain un-named and can resume their lives as if nothing ever happened after all this. We won’t know who they are and where they are, killers rights to privacy are more important than justice or your right to remain alive. That's our justice system.

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