The REAL story behind the Wolfowitz World Bank scandal:

"In Canada’s National Post, Patricia Adams says the action against Wolfowitz started shortly after a memo arrived from China warning that if the Bank continued with its (unprecedented) anti-corruption drive, the Chinese government would withdraw its business:

Prior to Wolfowitz’s arrival, the bank had never acted against a borrowing country or its officials over allegations of corruption — it limited its sanctions to contractors, and even then sanctions were a rarity, despite an estimated 20% to 30% of all World Bank lending that went missing. Wolfowitz promptly suspended or cancelled loans to Kenya, Chad, India, Bangladesh and Argentina, among others.

The bank’s board of directors, which includes representatives of the Third World countries that benefited from the bank’s largesse, erupted when he cut off funding. Wolfowitz did not back down, as seen in his plan to roll out the sanction reforms broadly to borrowing governments. The leak over Wolfowitz’s handling of his girlfriend’s compensation occurred two weeks after the e-mail from China began reverberating through the World Bank’s corridors.

Some World Bank employees are, in all likelihood, themselves on the take (dozens have been either disciplined or are under investigation), and oppose Wolfowitz for fear that they could be exposed. These are a minority. The majority are complicit in that they knew what was going on, and chose to turn a blind eye.

The real purpose of the Wolfowitz stitch-up, it would appear, is to bury his campaign against corruption at the Bank. In other words, the action against Wolfowitz itself appears to be as corrupt as it is possible to be. It absolutely stinks."

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