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Dozens injured after car ploughs into partygoers

Screams filled the air when a car swerved into dozens of people, sending bodies flying, at an out-of-control party in suburban Christchurch last night.
Ten people were taken to Christchurch Hospital, three suffering critical injuries, after the incident about 10.30pm on Edgeware Road.

Hundred of teenagers - some just 13 - and young adults descended on the party thanks to text messages encouraging people to attend.
Police, some wearing riot gear, were preparing to close the party down when the incident happened.

Bystanders say hundreds of partygoers had swelled out onto the road.

Witnesses said a fight started on the street just before one of those involved allegedly jumped into a red three-door Honda Integra and drove it into a large group at speeds of up to 80kmh.
The Honda driver sped away without stopping.
A police cordon was in place at the scene overnight. Police told The Press they were pelted with stones and other debris as the tried to get to the injured.
Partygoer Jess said she could not believe what was happening.
"It sounded like a gun (the car hitting people). It sounds like someone getting shot. It is the kind of thing that screws young people up for life."
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"screws young people up for life" eh....
Looks like that's already been achieved. These selfish, self-absorbed undisciplined scrotes think it's fine to take over a suburban street, with the attendant noise, and broken glass and wilful damage to the property of others. It's all cool and great fun, until suddenly they discover there are consequences--something their teachers failed to mention when they were filling the kid's heads with self esteem. Lots of self-esteem and bugger all self-respect, because hey! you actually have to do something worthwhile to gain self-respect and that's all so, you know, like hard and all.
I have no sympathy for 'em.

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