Sour Grapes

It’s a bad vintage folks, for the left that is, not content with calling for violence and throwing tantrums after losing, the carping never ends with the half-empty crowd.
Nicolas Sarkozy, France's president-elect, shrugged off criticism yesterday of his holiday on a businessman's yacht. The three-day cruise with his family had not "cost the French taxpayer a cent", he told reporters after disembarking at Malta before flying back to Paris.

A spokesman for Ségolène Royal, the Socialist candidate who lost to Mr Sarkozy, described the trip as "a form of arrogance and even an insult" to the French given that his "campaign was about a France which gets up early, a society at work." After promising to get tough on les "assistés" - people living off the state - Mr Sarkozy "seems to be living off billionaires," the spokesman added.
Just thinking about the stupidity of that statement, I’m glad most of the French had the brains to see through these fools. I mean did Sego & Co. really want Sarko to spend the tax-payers money, instead of a billionaires? Then again that's probably how they would have celebrated if they won. While I’m on the subject of leftist fools, this is just appalling, really terrible, oh dear, whatever will the eco-warriors do.
"Rural terrorists" trying to stop the development of a wind farm have been blamed for the destruction of equipment worth more than £100,000. Unknown saboteurs felled the 279ft high device to measure wind strength, known as an anemometer, by cutting a steel supporting rope.

The sabotage comes amid growing concern about the development of wind farms in Britain. A recent survey of people who live near wind farms found that three quarters felt that the noise had damaged their quality of life and four out of five said it has affected their health.
Remember what those eco-terrorists do against law-abiding businesses, chaining themselves to trees, vandalizing property, intimidating people, PETA screwing over Aussie farmers, carrying on in the streets and doing whatever they feel like to achieve their ends. Well looks like they’re getting a bit of their own medicine, what goes around...

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