Guns kill people

Every time there is a shooting over in America, we cluck and tut-tut at the ‘crazy’ Americans and their old fashioned gun culture. We all know about their loony ‘right to bear arms’, I mean what the hell is that all about, can someone tell them it’s 2007 now. We, lily-livered, gun-controlled Australian pansies, have progressed away from such unsophisticated methods of self-preservation and negotiation. Or have we?
Police said about 100 people were standing outside the Nomads-linked DCM nightclub, also known as UN, when they were fired on from a dark-blue sedan at 3.30am (AEST) yesterday. More than a dozen bullets were fired at the Oxford St club, three of them shattering the glass facade of Trumps, a next-door hair salon.

One man, 42, suffered a wound to the stomach while a second man, 26, was shot at least twice in the torso. Both were in a serious but stable condition after undergoing surgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital yesterday. A third man, 23, was released after being treated for bullet grazes. "It's very lucky that nobody was killed," Surry Hills Superintendent Daryl Donnolly said.
But don’t worry folks, guns kill people and you did the right thing back in the day and sent those mean guns away to be destroyed, that’ll show those mean guns. Think this was just an isolated incident? Think again, a similar incident happened at a Sydney nightclub in August 2006.
Police will review TV security footage in their hunt for clues to an attack on a Sydney nightclub by three men who peppered its glass doors with up to 35 bullets.
To put it bluntly, in August 2006 we got lucky, could have been 35 dead or wounded. The shooting that happened yesterday indicates we got lucky again. However 3 were wounded this time, so it appears our luck is slowly running out.

It’s nice to hand over the guns to be turned into scrap, even though we know that not all of us will. But instead of getting ours back after seeing the warnings, we decide to depend on Lady Luck who we find, much to our dismay, is a bit unreliable. Would you like to be around the next time this happens and Lady Luck is busy elsewhere?

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