Running low on lemons?

Watch this from Hot Air 1 and Hot Air 2 to see where they’ve all gone, no prizes for guessing who’s hogging all the lemons folks. He has got em’ all folks, every last one of them, nothing for the rest, all his, get your own damn lemon ‘sir’.

I must say I didn’t know Jerry Falwell till just this week, so I don’t have an opinion on him, but damn, this Hitchens character, who I am grateful I didn’t until now, must be so tired. Tired from all the bitterness and hate he’s been carrying around with him all this time. So full of hate, the guy can’t even break a smile at the death of his arch nemesis from the look of it, now that is what I consider ‘a lotta hate’.

A note to Fox News, down here in little Australia, I’ve heard this on talkback radio 2GB, when some mean-spirited nark starts prattling away and refuses to shut up, the host just turns the nark down. This makes the nark look silly, prattling away but unable to be heard. No nark will get free oxygen and make the host wait till he runs out of breath; you might want to look into that Fox.

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