Bias? How dare you!!

Move it along folks, nothing to see here, or is there? Isn’t it funny how the last two Labor recruits were from the ‘unbiased’ ABC. For our international readers, it’s like certain members of the MSM in America joining the Democratic Party but insisting they have been completely unbiased all along. Coming back to the topic, is it just me or do the recent opinion polls of the Howard government look like the public think John Howard is some sort of child molester or something? I mean the guy has been in power for a while now, Australia is enjoying the benefits of sound economic management, more tax-cuts are on the way, the budget is in surplus and yet it seem the electorate just want to throw him out because we’ve had just about enough of the good times. Thanks John but we’re feeling weighed down by all this cash, so please take back some of it and give it to Joe Bludger down the road. Maybe not.
THE woman who framed the questions in a damning opinion poll on the performance of Prime Minister John Howard plans to host an intimate $175-a-head fundraising dinner for Labor star recruit Maxine McKew. An email leaked to the Daily Telegraph confirmed that Rebecca Huntley, director of research at polling group IPSOS, had taken on the role of fundraiser for Ms McKew, who is trying to unseat Mr Howard in Bennelong.

Dr Huntley, who has a PhD in gender studies, confirmed yesterday that she had a leading role in shaping the poll questions. But she strongly denied her friendship with Ms McKew affected her work.

Dr Huntley said yesterday she was a close friend of Ms McKew, but insisted she had no influence on the outcome of the poll. "So the claim is that because I'm a friend of Maxine's, the poll is somehow biased?" she asked. "I don't think there is a conflict of interest. The questions were requested by The Bulletin and I reshaped them and made them more objective."
Yeah sure, if you look out the window folks, you’ll see the largest pigs ever sighted by mankind, gliding gracefully by on majestic wings. Maybe I’m wrong on this but when I hear something like a PHD in gender studies; I need to turn down the volume on the Leftist BS Detector.

Speaking of leftists and BS, remember Kelly Hoare, shafted by the leftists, thrown out onto the scrapheap, right after they assured us how much they cared for the battler. Don’t worry if you don’t remember, I’ll help you, here, here, here and here. It seems Kevin Rudd can’t even get his wife onboard with his rights-for-some-battlers campaign.
A COMPANY owned by Kevin Rudd's wife put workers on individual contracts that stripped them of key award conditions. Mr Rudd's wife, Therese Rein, is a multi-millionaire businesswoman whose companies employ 1400 workers in Australia and Europe.

Her firm Ingeus is a global player in the employment and recruitment sector and last year achieved revenues exceeding $170 million. ...the company run by Kevin Rudd's wife, Therese Rein, has been accused of offering contracts that would have failed her husband's 'no-disadvantage' test...
For our international readers, this is like Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards lecturing you about poverty at an American university for the sum of $55,000. Hat tip to The Sniper.

If Rudd can’t get his own wife onside, imagine how much ‘caring’ you’ll be getting from his fellow socialists and greenies in the Labor party. The next time you see polls telling us Howard is going to get the boot from the electorate, you should remember the ‘objectivity’ of the poll and when it comes voting time, it might be best if you’re not on the receiving end of the opposition’s ‘unique’ caring.

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