Evil America

Well that’s what we are led to believe, after September 11, it’s as if Muslims in America are just rounded up and tossed into concentration camps or into the sea or something. Leftists whining of discrimination, bigotry and generalization of Muslims, Europe sets the better example, learn from them folks, Europe the bastion of tolerance, multiculturalism, racial equality etc. Well the truth is not quite what we are constantly told by the haters, I read this at Dinah Lord’s blog last night and people like this are who we want in the western world, not professional parasites like CAIR and other grievance mongers, constantly whining about perceived discrimination and intolerance.
Farah Pandith, who in February was appointed to the freshly created position of senior advisor for Muslim Engagement in the State Department's European and Eurasian Affairs Bureau, has pointed to her own life experience as an American Muslim woman of Indian origin to illustrate how it is possible for Muslim immigrants to successfully integrate into United States society.

The "Muslim experience in America does prove that Muslims who live their religion can be unqualified democratic Americans," she told the gathering held at Rome's American Studies Centre. Turning to Washington's foreign policies, Pandith described the notion that America is at war with Islam as a "myth".

She said that in the two conflicts currently involving the United States in majority Muslim nations - Afghanistan and Iraq - Washington was supporting "fledgling democracies," after helping to respectively topple the Taliban, which she described as "an obscurantist regime that targeted and banned centuries-old Afghan culture" and Saddam Hussein, "one of the worst dictators ever to tyrannise Muslims".

She also said the US had given billion of dollars in humanitarian and economic aid around the world in Muslim communities, citing as examples Indonesia in the aftermath of the December 2004 tsunami, in Pakistan following the October 2005 earthquake and reconstruction in Lebanon after the July-August 2006 conflict with Israel.
And to backup Farah Pandith, I heard this morning of this Pew research study of American Muslims. There are some worrying aspects like the one quarter of young Muslims who are ok with suicide bombings on some occasions, presumably these occasions are ones where they are not in attendance. But the study does reveal that America is actually better, heck Muslims even believe more in the American dream than the general public.
The study by the Pew Research Center says US Muslims - most of whom are immigrants - believe in the American work ethic and reject extremism. Their income and education levels mirror those of the general US public, according to the survey. Moreover, 71% of Muslim Americans agreed that people could get ahead in the US by working hard - the figure for the general public was 64%.
Coming back to the reality as alluded to by “serial liars” (I’m still laughing at that one) like Mark Steyn. Seems like the EurabiansLeftists in Europe should rather follow America’s example, before they choke on their outrage, it’s not me saying this.
"The life situations and attitudes of Muslim Americans stand in contrast with those of Muslim minorities of Western Europe." Pew Global Attitudes surveys last year in the UK, France, Germany and Spain found that most Muslims there suffered unemployment and felt marginalised.

"The American dream is still very much alive here," she [Laila Al-Qatami] says. "If you work hard and you put your mind to something, you can still succeed here. That's what American Muslims see and feel. They still see it as a land of opportunity — that's why so many people want to immigrate here." Compared with Europe — where many Muslims live in ghettos, earn the lowest incomes and suffer high unemployment — America represents the good life, she says.
See social justice and carping about multiculturalism gets you into the ghetto, for life. The best you can look forward to is burning someone else’s new model Citroen, hey maybe it’ll have full leather and a sunroof this time.

Just as a side issue, may I humbly offer a suggestion to the dedicated researchers with their clipboards and pie charts? The next time you ask some youngster, drunk on social justice and all that, about their views on suicide bombings, when they respond they are supportive of it and its ok; just ask them as a follow up question. Remember to be very non-judgmental about it, PC and all that, ask them if they can muster the same level of support and encouragement for suicide bombings if they happened to be one of the victims.

Hat tip Dinah Lord

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