Can you hear it?

Listen closely, it’s a there if you listen closely, over to your left, that noise warms the hard-bastard conservative heart, I wish we could go to sleep every night and wake up every morning to that gnashing sound over on the ideological left.
Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy won the French presidency by a comfortable margin today and immediately signalled his victory would mean friendly relations with the United States. Washington can "count on our friendship," Sarkozy told hundreds of cheering supporters, though he added that "friendship means accepting that friends can have different opinions."

President Bush swiftly phoned the new president-elect to offer congratulations. Sarkozy, 52, says France's 35-hour work week is absurd, and as interior minister, cracked down on drunk driving, crime and illegal immigration.

He is an admirer of the United States who has borrowed from some American policy ideas. Tough-talking and blunt, he alienated many in France's housing projects when he called young delinquents "scum."
There, there it is, it just went up a few decibels now, oh dear!! Friends with America, admiring the USA, no more bludging, oh my, you almost feel sorry for the leftists, but then you remember how they bring down humanity. By the way, at 73% of the vote counted and Sarkozy winning 53% to Royal's 46%, will leftists agree that he has a mandate to govern, or will they whine that the country is divided?
Royal, 53, is a former environment minister who believes France must keep its welfare protections strong. She wanted to raise the minimum wage, create 500,000 state-funded starter jobs for youths and build 120,000 subsidized housing units a year. While exuberant Sarkozy supporters partied in central Paris, police quietly looked out for possible unrest in suburbs where Sarkozy is unpopular and riots broke out in 2005.
Suck it up losers, your bludging, spread the wealth that others worked for, big government, social justice, recycle your crap, socialist Queen lost. Put down the placards and petrol bombs, delete the online petitions, put away the spray cans and bite your pouting lips; time to get a job, cut your whinging, pay a bit of tax and earn your way through life.

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