Refugee's jail term cut for 'trauma'

A Somali refugee who stabbed a man repeatedly at a party has had two years wiped off his eight-year jail term - because he has post-traumatic stress caused by the violence he saw as a child in his homeland.

Najib Mohamed stabbed the party host three times, with one thrust causing a thigh wound up to 15cm deep. His victim needed two blood transfusions, was in hospital for eight days, and eight months later was still struggling to walk after being attacked at a Hamilton party in 2005.
Before the 2005 stabbing Mohamed had previous convictions for assault with a blunt instrument in separate incidents in 1999 and 2000, and for possessing a knife in public in June 2003 and again the following year.
Wherever Somali refugees are gathered we have serious problems with violence. Why?
Because Somalis are violent assholes.

A fact that seems to have escaped the bleeding-heart bloody lefties who support bringing them here. (Australia has the same problem with these people, I should add)
I just love knowing that the tax dollars being ripped off me are helping support these scumbags. And why should his jail term be cut for real or imagined "trauma"? What about the trauma his victims have suffered? And if he's guilty enough to send to bloody jail, he's guilty enough to serve the full, original sentence.
Screw "rehabilitation"--we as a society are entitled to vengeance.

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