Perceptions and footprints

Earlier in the morning I watched a program about Muslims in Thailand. Apparently the south of Thailand is majority Muslims, but in the north they are a minority. As expected, the ones in the south are passionate followers of the religion of peace. The story began with an incident of two Buddhist men who were attacked and one beheaded by Muslim insurgents. It then moved to the ‘plight’ of the minority Muslims in the North, apparently they are feeling a ‘backlash’ and are feeling a bit of dislike from the Buddhists in the North. The Muslims in the North are feeling that they have to justify their religion to others and don’t want to hide their Muslim identity. The story also alluded to the media’s constant front page coverage of the violence in the South exacerbating this ‘backlash’, presumably they’d prefer the beheadings to be relegated to the back pages, you know these things happen, so why make a fuss of it, lets keep the harmony you know, tolerance and all that.

Here’s a tip folks, why don’t your Muslim leaders in the North publicly tell everyone that those pieces of crap down south beheading folks are just that, pieces of crap. We don’t support them, they are not welcome here, we don’t share their practices and if any of us share their feelings, then they’ll get turfed out, because we want to live in peace as we claim to. I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it, so get on with it, unless off course the ones in the North are quietly supportive of their brothers down south.

Speaking of perceptions, apparently the United States military has been accused of sending nerve gas and cluster bombs to the Lebanese fighting the Fatah al-Islam militants in Lebanon. They make these allegations because some of us are automatically skeptical when the US says something, but when the terrorists say something, we just take them at their word for it.

Because of this it doesn’t really matter whether the allegations are true or not, the seeds of doubt will be sown, pretty soon the useful idiots in the west will be whining about Geneva conventions, human rights, war crimes and all that.

In Iraq the scumbags use chlorine bombs, they blow up as many women and kids as they possibly can and would be happy to use anything else they can get their hands on. In this crazy world that we live in, the useful idiots believe that al-Qaeda’s torture manual and practices are the same as making a suspected terrorist read a newspaper full of crap or depriving him of sleep in Gitmo.

So in my opinion, why shouldn’t the US send nerve gas to the Lebanese in the fight against these terrorist scumbags? If they are, good on them, I certainly won’t be carping on about it. I remember seeing on one of the news programs the Lebanese PM insisting they won’t allow any terrorist organization to operate within their country, well if this Fatah al-Islam can be made an example of, perhaps Hezbollah might just decide to reduce their presence. Call it their ‘carbon footprint’ if you want, to save face and help their useful idiot friends in the west.

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