The west will learn or it will die

Almost all of you Conservative folk out there know about the free market, how it works, how it needs to thrive and more importantly, how it always wins. Bear with me dear reader and I'll show you how this is playing out right before our very eyes.

First off we have Britain, recently went to elections and got a sort-of Conservative and a sort-of leftist coalition government. All that aside, they've just figured out that public sector pensions will cost taxpayers a shocking £18 billion this year. Apparently and you'd better be sitting down for this, this is also the combined annual budget of the British Army and Navy!

It's so bad that the leader of the leftist side of the coalition government even came to the conclusion - shit, that's a lot of money, this is simply unaffordable; or the political equivalent thereof. You know you're in dire straits when even leftists are surprised at the waste. Thankfully it seems the Brits are prepared to learn from their past mistakes and make some cuts to their spending.

It's not by choice mind you, but Britain is already in debt and to fund these pensions they'll have to borrow more and the international market will only fund them for so long. The politicians are just reading the writing on the wall, the market has decided that enough is enough, make the cuts or they'll do the cutting for you.

Lastly, remember how the Greeks were caterwauling, burning and pillaging like crazed baboons just recently because their government was forced to make savage cuts to their annual spending spree. Well Portugal and Spain have joined the list of insolent, spoiled children who don't want to learn from their mistakes.

Well they have been warned now, Democracy could ‘collapse’ in Greece, Spain and Portugal unless urgent action is taken to tackle the debt crisis, the head of the European Commission has warned.

It couldn't be more stark, if you won't learn, then you will die. And this isn't some Conservative who can be smeared as a heartless bastard saying this, you know you're in dire straits when the head of a bureaucracy that's not really accountable to anyone is taking the time to tell you, you're in the shitter chump. The market has decided their punishment, take it or die.

The lesson for the rest of us in the west is this, we can vote for the politician and the government that will give us the most bread and circuses. We can decree healthcare, welfare, crack, holidays and foreign aid as basic human rights that must be funded. We can refuse to care where the money comes from.

But it's not the politician or the commissioner of the EU who decides what will be funded. It's the productive in an America, Germany, Britain, Australia, France, Japan, Korea, China etc who make up this 'market' and they decide whether you can live large and fat. And they've just decided that they're sick of working to fund Greeks, Spaniards and Portuguese who won't.

So those of us who are in debt but not yet at the point of basket-case had better learn to cut back, before the decision is made for us.


  1. It's the same here. Welfare dwarfs all other public expenditure.

  2. Just read now, 50 billion goes to welfare on the middle class in Britain. They're going to have to literally hack chunks of fat off this beast.


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