Muslim criminals are more equal

Times Online [Britain] - Inmates are converting to Islam in order to gain perks and the protection of powerful Muslim gangs, the Chief Inspector of Prisons warns today. Dame Anne Owers says that some convicted criminals are taking up the religion in jail to receive benefits only available to practising Muslims.
Muslim prisoners get better food than the rest and they also get to skip work and education on fridays for prayer to their god and child-raping prophet. Can you imagine the caterwauling from leftist scum if Christian prisoners were getting better food and time off on sundays that was denied to the rest of their criminal buddies. But because it's their muslim pimps, leftist whores are most happy to bend over for them.
The number of Muslim prisoners has risen dramatically since the mid-1990s — from 2,513 in 1994, or 5 per cent of the population, to 9,795 in 2008, or 11 per cent. Staff at top-security prisons and youth jails have raised concerns about the intimidation of non-Muslims and possible forced conversions.
That wouldn't surprise me in the least, the tradition of islam is conversion by the blade, so why wouldn't they force inmates into converting now. I'm also betting the stupid, dhimmi authorities after seeing all this, still won't be angling to take away some of these special privileges from the muslims.
...She says that prison staff are suspicious about those practising or converting to the faith and warns that treating Muslim inmates as potential or actual extremists risks radicalising them. ...Dame Anne said that unless staff engaged effectively with them there was “a real risk of a self-fulfilling prophecy: that the prison experience will create or entrench alienation and disaffection, so that prisons release into the community young men who are more likely to offend, or even embrace extremism”.
Ah yes, the good ol' extortion tactic, if you don't bend this way and that, we'll get angry and start murdering. It's also the leftist way, the more violent and dangerous, the more fascinated they are and the more they want to appease. Perhaps this dame anne should enter the prisons to you know.... engage with the muslim criminals. She wouldn't want to radicalize them now would she.
Phil Wheatley, director-general of the National Offender Management Service, said: “Our clear policy is that all prisoners are treated with respect and decency, recognising the diverse needs of a complex prison population, and that the legitimate practice of faith in prison is supported.”
Yeah, respect and decency, like we're talking about some fellow in a coffee shop ordering a fecking latte, not rapists and/or murderers! Oh but we must respect and be decent to them; prison is not about punishment you see, it's now a multicultural utopia catering to the various whims of primitive savages. See, muslims no matter how violent you are, no matter what crimes you may have committed, you can always count on your leftist whores to coddle you inside and outside of prison.

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