Massacre in Britain

News Daily - Police said on Thursday they may never be able to fully explain why a quiet taxi-driver shot dead 12 people in the scenic Lake District, in Britain's worst gun rampage for years. Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain already had some of the toughest gun control laws in the world and there should not be a knee-jerk response to the tragedy.

Derrick Bird's shooting spree Wednesday through sleepy towns and villages in one of Britain's top tourist spots stunned the country and left authorities struggling to find answers. The 52-year-old, later found dead in the remote Eskdale valley after apparently turning one of his guns on himself, seemed to know some of his victims while others appeared to have been strangers, shot dead at random during a three-hour rampage.
Apparently the fellow got into some sort of dispute the night before and promised a rampage, there's also talk of financial problems, something about his brother having more money than him. The authorities are promising to get to the bottom of this and are also promising to hold a review of gun control laws in Britain, as if they don't have some of the strictest gun control laws on the planet. Not a single person is prepared to acknowledge the rather two enormous elephants in the room, instead everyone is slithering sideways around both and angling towards some sort of state-run socialist response to this act of evil.

Capitalism is to blame - Apparently the other brother is more 'fortunate' that this piece of shit, he's even taller and more good looking. Yes seriously, this is what they are angling as justification for the shooting spree. Just like that muslim piece of shit at Fort Hood, as soon as he went on a shooting spree, the idiots were pushing the laughable theory that he was suffering pre-traumatic stress disorder from the war he never took part in. Oh, and he felt so sorry for the soldiers whose pain he apparently listened to that he decided to murder all of them. They must be on some fecking A-grade crack!

Never mind that this piece of shit in Britain went around killing people whose 'fortune' he had no way of identifying or that that is even a reason to kill someone. Bottom line, it's not the fault of the murdering scumbag, no such thing as evil, it's the fault of the capitalist, consumerist society that we live in, which unfairly rewards the good looking or some such shit. Solution, once all the wealthy people are done feeling guilty and the other assholes are done giving them dirty looks, some sort of government agency or policy needs to be put in place that'll distribute the wealth more fairly and make the ugly more equal.

Guns are to blame - I think the authorities are thanking heaven and hell that this fellow used a rifle and shotgun rather than a hand gun to kill all those good looking, wealth people. This way they can just say, look we banned handguns to make you safe, but unfortunately due to the evil, mass-murdering, nazi [have we smeared them enough?] gun lovers, we couldn't ban rifles and long weapons, so that's the problem here, the guns just decided to kill all those people. Terrible shame really, but we promise to look into it and ban them as well.

The carrying of concealed pistols which are the easiest form of self-defense have been banned under the promise that the authorities who are better trained than you retarded peasants can take on the responsibility of protecting you. Never mind that this piece of shit was running around for 3 hours shooting merrily away and even then no state authority managed to stop him. Thankfully he killed himself. No politician or any significant number of the population will ask the obvious questions or state the obvious facts.

The state failed to protect and when it promises to protect, it's a bald-faced lie. If you read the above and still think they can protect you, you best hang on to that crack pipe.
Thanks to the lovely gun control laws in Britain, not a single one of his 23 victims was allowed to carry a concealed pistol to shoot back at this piece of shit.
In Australia we have drive-by shootings almost every week, we banned the carrying of loaded weapons long ago and still people are getting shot and crimes committed with guns. Any one of those incidents could be a massacre like the above and not a single one of us would be legally allowed to defend ourselves with a weapon. We, just like in Britain, are merely told to hide behind the state that's just not there.
Even in an actual police-state where every fecking thing is banned, the state cannot keep you safe, massacre 1, massacre 2.

Bottom line and solution, the taxpayer is going to fund yet another useless bureaucracy and regulation to ban more weapons and leave the law-abiding even more vulnerable.

Unfortunately, this is the way most in the western world want it, never mind that no government has managed to solve anything it set out to solve, never mind that nothing will change, someone else just has to do something, anything, whatever. This is the mindset of the modern westerner, someone else just needs to pay for his/her healthcare, welfare, house, safety etc. So long as its someone else charged with the responsibility, it's all good.

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