Muslim victimology

Muslim female makes demonstrably false accusations against police on a statutory declaration but that's OK -- and hushed up as well? Making a false statement on a statutory declaration is an offence that should lead to a prosecution. It seems that the NSW police force is just about as gutless about "minorities" as is the Victoria police. One would have thought that they would be very zealous to uphold their reputation where they can

As I was driving today I happened to listen to Jason Morrison’s ‘Drive’ show at around 3 pm. He mentioned the story of the Sydney policeman who happened to stop a veiled lady recently because he had a well founded suspicion that she was not driving well and that her ‘P’ plate sign was not affixed properly to the car. This policeman asked to see the lady’s license. Of course to check her license the policeman had to see the lady’s face and you know what that means for a Muslim feminista.

Instant outrage. This lady did what any oppressed victim who has been asked to show her driver’s license would do .She went straight to the media and complained that the policeman was a racist, shouted at her, grabbed her veil and wanted to pull it off. Not a shy little hyacinth, this lass went to Channel 7 and told her tearful story aided and abetted by her Muslim handlers.

Thing is, she forgot she is in a western country and that not all the media have lost their marbles. As Jason Morrison related, Channel 7 contacted the policeman in question after she gave her tearful opera buffa version of events. And guess what? The policeman had filmed the entire proceedings with the lachrimose lady. And then guess what the filming revealed? THE TRUTH. And the truth differed significantly from what the dodgy Muslim lady driver said.

First – it appears the policeman spoke very politely to the lady from beginning to end.

Second – it seems the would be abused victim had not been abused at all. The policeman did not touch or grab her veil. He simply asked her politely to show her face so he could do his job and identify her with the driver's photo on her driver's license.

Third. The lady has told untruths on a Statutory Declaration she made about the whole incident in her official complaint about this officer to the NSW Police Force. [woops]

With or without the veil it ain’t a pretty story. And in fact the lady might be wearing her veil now but the truth has been unveiled and is there for all to see.

Channel 7, having got hold of the ‘other side of the story’ from the policeman and having seen the footage, invited the lady to come back and ‘please explain’ what the footage showed. The Muslima prima donna, who thought she had it all sewn up with her first bellicose Ayatolla-like hissy fit, on realising such footage existed, suddenly declined to come in to be interviewed again. A little bit of the truth and reality mugging apparently had spoilt her day and shut her up.

Technology saved the day for this policeman. Imagine if he had NOT filmed the interview with the would be veiled victim? What would the story be out there in the media? And good on Channel 7 for getting the other side of the story. If only other media outlets did the same.

This Muslima wanted to con the world but she didn’t make it this time She should go for a holiday on a flotilla near Turkey – that’s where she belongs. However, as the Latma TV song goes ‘the truth will never find a way to your tv’ as the whole story has died in Sydney and it is hard to find any links which tell anything about it.

If not for Jason Morrison’s radio report, I would not have heard of it. Not only that, but as Jason has noted, there has been no public apology or public exoneration of the policeman in question who after all, was just doing his job. Several organisations including the Ethnic Affairs Commission and the NSW Police Force declined to comment on radio about the incident and there is hasty burying of the story going on.


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  1. The lady was just practicing her religion. Lying to non-Muslims (taqqiya) is part of the religion. So we can't condemn her for that. We have to be tolerant of Islamic practices. Further, since non-Muslims aren't allowed to testify under Islamic law she was probably offended that anyone listened to the other side of the story. If this were one of those peaceful, tolerant, and enlightened countries, like Pakistan, Iran, or Saudi Arabia the non-Muslim police officer would have been quickly lynched and that would be the end of it. Too bad so many Muslims are trapped in western hell holes like Australia. If only they could live in an Islamic country. Australia better convert soon or there will be more offended Muslims.

  2. The only reason the police hierarchy is so gutless is because of the leftist nsw government. They wouldn't dare to upset their muslim constituents, they're on the nose of the public already and need all the votes they can get.

    And good on channel 7, i have noted that they aren't as leftie-infested as some of the other channels, which i suppose is why their evening news has more ratings.

  3. Irrespective of whether video evidence exists, showing that the woman lied, my experiences as a former member of NSW Police suggest that the officer will be interviewed anyway, by two snivelling curs of Internal Affairs officers, who have not seen an angry man for so long, they've forgotten what one looks like, and then the "complaint" will be followed up scrupulously, with no expense spared, and with absolutely no thought of constraint on the use of resources, and after it is all over, the best the officer can expect is that the "complaint" will be deemed "Not Sustained." The "complaint" will of course be oversighted by the Office of the NSW State Ombudsman, and after cubic dollars have been spent on investigating this crap, after taxpayer-funded resources have been pissed up the wall shamelessly, to the satisfaction of the snivelling curs who make a career of investigating complaints against police, with no regard for the credibility or motive of the complainant, once again, "Not Sustained" is the best result he can expect. No apology, no exoneration, no recognition of the stress he has experienced, just a file saying, "Blah, blah, blah, ..., not sustained.

    You see, the policy of the Ombudsman's office, is that even if a person has blatantly made a false statement in a complaint against a member of NSW Police, no action is taken, in case it deters people from making complaints in future. I know all this because I had a series of complaints levelled against me in the late 90's by a former mental patient, and despite the fact that he told lies in sworn documents, no action was ever taken against him for that reason.

    Senior Police in NSW are always citing lack of resources when it comes to fighting crime, but there will be any army of bludgers on hand to investigate something like this, and it will be fulll speed ahead. I'd like to see the bitch charged with an appopriate offence regarding her false statement, (if it was sworn), but I won't be holding my breath. Good on Channel 7 for exposing her, but to what avail?

  4. Same as false claims of rape. The rights of future "victims" are worth more than the rights of innocent men. The left of course loves victims, but only such victims as it can use to push their society-destroying ideology.

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  6. i've heard that as well Phil, many a good officer has been smeared and fucked over by those sniveling curs and criminal scum.

    Oh they couldn't care less about any "real" victims ar, like you say, only the imaginary ones and the ones they can use to further their agenda.

  7. Well, d'oh!

    Obviously it is immoral and illegal for police officers to film their encounters with the public! Especially with Moslems.


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