Western military power

News.com.au - A FORCE of about 700 US and Afghan troops has killed up to 150 Taliban insurgents in a major offensive along eastern Afghanistan's border with Pakistan. The US-led operation, which began on Sunday, was one of the largest yet in the region around Kunar province, said the newspaper, which cited US officials as calling it ``one of the most intense battles of the past year'' in Afghanistan, the Washington Post reports.

In a statement on Sunday, NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said more than 600 ISAF and Afghan troops were pursuing al-Qaeda and Taliban militants in Kunar and that "a number of insurgents" had been killed. Two US troops had been killed in the battle, according to ISAF, which had no immediate update to offer today.
Never fails to amaze me, western military forces operating far from home in the most hostile of environments, but still kicking ass. It's something that I think far too many westerners are ignorant of and simply take for granted.

Just think about, which other culture on this earth can send men to a foreign land deeply hostile to them, establish military bases, supply them with food, equipment, healthcare, weapons and all the other logistical support they need while fighting tooth and nail against a deadly, unrelenting enemy?

Another thing to be remembered is that the westerner is actually being nice to his enemies, he's holding back, western civilization has the ability to turn the entire place into a radioactive wasteland and catch the Nicks game after wards but he chooses not to, he chooses the hard way.

Can the Asians do it, can the Mexicans do it, the South Americans, Africans, Indonesians, anyone?

Hats off to the culture that produced those warriors and hats off to the western warriors whipping ass over there.

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