We have a new prime minister

News.com.au - JULIA Gillard is "honoured" to become Australia's first female prime minister as Kevin Rudd struggles to keep his composure during his last speech as leader. Ms Gillard is expected to make a full statement shortly and will be sworn in as prime minister by Governor-General Quentin Bryce at 12.30pm (AEST) Mr Rudd was close to tears and his voice wavered as he listed his achievements in office during a press conference.
The fellow that we thought would be our PM and voted for is gone. This is how the left side of politics does things, knifing each other, betrayal, treachery, it's on for young and old. For some strange reason the electorate out there believes that they'll treat us differently when this is what they do to each other, go figure.

Anyway this is where we are, the people don't have any say in this, it's all done and dusted, shadowy, slimeball power-brokers have decided for us that our Prime minister is changing and that's that. In my view she is not my Prime Minister, because we did not vote for her, she is merely the leader of the Australian labor party, for now.

I implore my fellow citizens not to vote for the labor party at the next election, don't bother looking to julia gillard, ignore the smoke and mirrors and the first-female-pm and all that crap, because you have no guarantee that she will remain and all that is bullshit when it's time to jack up taxes to pay off their debt. We should not reward them for stunts like these, to do so would only encourage more of the same.

Finally, I encourage you to vote for Tony Abbott because for one, he won't piss away the economic future of our children and if nothing else, you can be sure it'll be him who will be PM if his party wins the election, for the full term.


  1. I doubt whether Labor will be able to just hit the "reset" button and walk away unscathed from the last three years of stupidity. Those mistakes were Labor's not just Rudd's.

  2. The MFM (MSM) are going to go into propaganda overdrive. What they did with Kevin07 will be nothing compared to adoration they will show to the unwed, motherless, socialist, femist. They will cover up her negligence in the BER rort and the laptops fiasco. They will ingnore he socialist past and her attempts to have Agend21 imposed on Australia.

    The reason the Libs will lose, is because the only way for the Libs to tackle the coming Media circus would be for the Libs to run TV adds warning the Australian people that is was the media who propagandised for Rudd in 07, and that the media are doing the same again now for the commie.

    But for what ever reason, the incompetant Libs refuse to take on this country's worst enemy - the treasonous MFM (MSM)

    Expect to see media coverage of Gillard that makes the MFM media coverage of Obama look hatefull.

  3. I always said Krunt was a one-termer. He would either be dumped or lose at an election. But their replacement Buzzard-woman is a shocker. I think her appeal to the electorate has been exaggerated.

    Her first lie, Tony Abbott wants to bring back Work Choices when she has said in Parliament it is "dead and buried". She couldn't have done a good job of getting rid of it, eh?

  4. I so hope you are right Brett and ar, but i'm not optimistic.

    What you said is exactly right Anon, they'll be out doing their work for gillard as they did for rudd.

    I just hope the public are aware of this, my initial observations are not promising, people don't like abbott, and for stupid reasons. Things like how he looks in speedos and his supposed attitude to women.

    It seems many women will only forgive abbott if he insists his daughters whore themselves and murder their unborn.

    Plenty of ignorant people out there.

  5. Watching the news and current affairs shows tonight has confirmed our worst fears. It`s only the first day and the MFM media are alreading making this out to be the greatest moment in history and Julia a demi-god.

    I dont think I`ve ever seen more pro-political propaganda in my life - and it`s only day 1

    But I must give Tracey Grimshaw a tiny ounce of credit - at least she did ask Gillard about how much blame she should take for the $16billion BER scandal. But Gillard just deflected and changed subject.

    The Libs have no hope unless they are prepared to take on the media. This election is between the Liberals and the Media. If the Libs dont get that, then it`s all over.


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