D-Day + 66 Years

Sadly, I was visiting my (Korea vet) father in a hospital in another town, and was unable to post anything on Sunday.

And where was the current
(sometime) Commander-in-Chief?

A.W.O.L. from his duty station and hangin' at a personal concert.


  1. Hope your dad is alright Touch.

    On zero not attending, i thought it best he stay away, he would just disgrace himself and dishonor those who died so that he may be free.

  2. I notice at concert McCartney took the opportunity to offer some snide remarks concerning the previous administration. As if his whiny voice wasn't painful enough.

  3. The lame jokes are now old too ar. I'm still waiting for them to grow the balls to stick it to zero, perhaps they think there's no need to make fun of him, after all he is making a fool of himself almost every day.


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