It's a runaway gravy train folks

This is what more than a decade of leftist government gets you.

Daily Mail - Taxpayers are paying millions of pounds to Britons living abroad who claim they are too sick to work. Expats living in countries including Spain, France, Cyprus and Portugal are claiming incapacity benefits of nearly £46million a year. Incredibly many of the 10,000 claimants have been receiving the payments for more than five years without having their cases reviewed.

Daily Mail - ...The Government has recruited ex-Labour Cabinet minister John Hutton to take the axe to state employees' retirement funds, which have created a staggering £1trillion black hole in the public finances. He is expected to draw up plans to hit public sector workers with a 'pensions levy', which would require them to contribute far more if they want to continue to enjoy the benefits of their schemes. Charging an extra 2.5 per cent of salary in pension contributions will raise about £3.2billion a year.

Daily Mail - George Osborne is preparing the biggest ever crackdown on Britain's 'out of control' benefits bill. The Chancellor said welfare was such a large area of government spending after years of Labour profligacy - now standing at £180billion a year - that major cuts were necessary. ...And while a blanket freeze in the levels of all handouts is not expected, other payments will be targeted. The aim is to save at least £4billion a year - which will prompt howls of protests from trades unions and Labour MPs.

@#$%ing hell, millions, billions and trillions, it's just numbers now, thrown around without a care in the world. It's like the parents just returned from a hard-earned weekend away to find the whole house trashed by their teenagers weekend party and the party is still going on.

I hope the Brits have had their fill of leftist adventure, if they haven't, they'll be reminded every month when they see their shrinking paychecks.


  1. Millions and even billions now are meaningless numbers. Krunt can blow $3bn filling roofspaces with substandard insulation material that is a fire and/or electrocution risk, that has killed four men, injured more and burned down hundreds of peoples' homes, destroyed dozens of legitimate businesses while lining the pockets of shonks, and still look the public in the eye and tell us he just needs to work harder, and "let's move on". $3bn - means nothing anymore.

  2. Exactly ar, and i think the only way people will start sobering up is when they're paying it all back. Until then enough fools out there think it's government money that he's pissed away.

  3. The really scary thing for us Brits is that budget deficit is £150 billion. That's not the national debt, just the sodding deficit! This cut barely qualifies as a good start.

    Officially, UK debt is around 78% of GDP. Unofficially, it's nearer 110% of GDP.

  4. Good grief, 110% of gdp, no wonder even the lefty part of the coalition is slashing and burning.

  5. Anon here again. Just to clarify, the UK books are cooked, hence the massive difference in the figures.

    The 78% of GDP is the official figure, but excludes certain items. Most notably, it excludes PFI (Private Finance Initiative) and unfunded public sector pensions. The TPA (Tax Payers Alliance, a UK think tank well to the right of all major political parties) estimates the actual debt to be between 110% and 120%.

    This is why public sector pensions are amongst the things in the firing line. The numbers are... scary.


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