Got A Paypal Account?

Calling it a matter of "hate speech", PayPal has declared jihad on Atlas Shrugged.

Make your own decisions, but I closed my account with their service.
Neither am I using ebay any longer.
When I swore to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign
and domestic", I meant it.

The First Amendment applies to EVERY American.

Completely ignoring the fact that what Pamela Gellar put up is decidedly NOT "hate speech" (not when there's a whole mess of frothin'-at-the-mouth-and-nostrils
muj's looking to kill as many of us infidels as possible), I've got a whole other problem with this.

The basis for even the CONCEPT of "hate speech" presumes that SOMEONE MUST DECIDE PRECISELY

It's censorship.
I'm not playin'....


  1. We're faced with enemies and bastards on all fronts now. If it's not big leftist government clamping down, it's their lackeys doing it for them.

  2. Out of interest MK and Touchstone, wasn't this website just supporting Rand Paul's edict that businesses should be allowed to choose whose business they take? Or does that only count when discriminating against black people?

  3. Yeah, Meths. It would also depend on the reason given for not taking that business.

  4. And I am allowed to choose which businesses I spend at.
    I don't buy at "Klan-Sheets-R-Us", either.

  5. So, AR, what you're saying is it's okay to deny business to a man based on the colour of his skin, yet PayPal should be forced to deal with Pamela Geller even though she breaks their terms of service? Racism is a better reason to deny business than hate speech?

    As for whether she preaches hate speech or not, is she still claiming that Obama is the extremist Muslim son of Malcolm X who hates white people and wants to destroy America?

    Sounds like fringe, extremist hate-speech to me.

  6. "PayPal should be forced to deal with Pamela Geller even though she breaks their terms of service?"

    Really? Who demanded some sort of law be passed to make it illegal for them to deny Pamela Geller?

  7. Just saw the news - But on Monday, a PayPal representative contacted Geller to inform her that Atlas Shrugs, SIOA and FDI had been mistakenly designated “hate sites,” and that the designations would be removed.

    Still waiting on that source where ar called for a law against paypal meth, or is it john now.

  8. Disguating. Appalling. Disgraceful.

    Just three of the many words that describe my reaction to PayPal's actions against this blogger.

    It would appear the double standard thrives at PayPal- I have never heard of them yanking the accounts of pro Islamic terrorist supporting sites. Have you?


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