Curiosities of history

Sorry folks, but it's another one of those, the-end-is-nigh rants by a very frightened Australian alarmist, John Collee.
SMH - ...Last month Australia's chief scientist, Penny Sackett, told a Canberra gathering that we have six years to radically lower emissions, or face calamitous, unstoppable global warming.

...I do believe the evidence. Which leads me, personally, to the bleak conclusion that the human race is stuffed. The current financial crisis is merely the curtain raiser to a grand opera of social and ecological collapse. Our children - forget our grandchildren, I'm talking about my own kids, aged 14, 11 and 9 - are going to live in a world in which major cities are flooded, fertile plains become deserts, populations run out of food and water, rivers run dry, fishing grounds become dead zones, our rainforests and living coral reefs become curiosities of history.
Oh my godless, 6 freaking years, that's it! 6 years before we become curiosities of history, he doesn't mention to whom exactly will we become these curiosities of history, seeing as we'll all be dead and gone. In the article he didn't mention anything about his city home being up for sale in lieu of this dire news. He curiously didn't mention anything about the log cabin he'll be building up on the highest mountain either, for you know... when the floods come.

Perhaps he doesn't want to give away the location, in case the cannibals remember and decide to storm his temple to gaia when you know... the grand opera of destruction and collapse ensues. I thought it was quite apt for the reporter to mention at the end of the article that this Collee fellow is a writer whose screenplays include Master And Commander, The Far Side Of The World and Happy Feet. Anyway enough time in lala-land, coming back to the real world.
BBC - A "global pattern" of change in the Earth's climate began 2.7 million years ago, say scientists. Researchers found that, at this point, temperature patterns in the tropics slipped into step with patterns of Ice Ages in the Northern Hemisphere. They report in the journal Science that atmospheric CO2 could be the "missing link" to explain this global pattern.
To cut a long story short, they're saying there is climate change and it's linked to carbon dioxide, but it started 2.7 million years ago. Yeah, back then we were driving around in SUVs, flying to exotic locations in jumbo jets to damn everyone else for flying in jumbo jets and heating up our lunches in microwave machines right.

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