Tell dumbass to tell fat ass to stop eating

Daily Mail - A shocking picture of the way children are gorging themselves on sweets, chocolates and snacks was revealed yesterday. They are getting fat almost twice as quickly as American youngsters as they eat double the amount of sugary and savoury treats. The disturbing figures suggest that Government efforts to turn back the tide of obesity overwhelming the country's children are failing.

See, there's your problem right there, government. Honestly, what the @#$% happened to us human beings, we've been on this planet for more than 2000 years at least and in all this time up until now, no one has ever heard of any government, council of elders, Atilla the hun or any form of authority having anything to do with children being too fat.

Fast forward to 2010 and apparently government is doing something about fat sacks of crap and we just cannot survive without this blessed government doing something! Did our brains fall out or something, think about it, I can walk into my kitchen right now, grab some bacon, deep fry it, cook up some eggs, a whole bunch of other foods and shove it all down my throat and no government parasite can stop me!

Yet for some mind-boggling reason we believe that this government can somehow stop our fat kids from eating too much by believe it or not, giving them free food!
Jackie Schneider, of the Children's Food Campaign, said: 'Childhood obesity is a very worrying trend. However we can do something about it. 'Banning junk food advertising on TV before the 9pm watershed, using traffic light labelling on food packaging and increasing eligibility of free school meals are effective ways of changing children's eating habits. 'Initiatives such as providing fresh drinking water in parks would also help children and families to make healthier choices. ...We need the Government to put the long-term health of our children first.'
Yes off course, well, how about you shut up, get off your ass, find a real job and leave us alone. Here's some free, healthier choice advice for you know, the long-term health of the fatties. Tell the parents, listen dumbass, stop feeding fat ass over there and if you don't, then fat ass is going to have a heart attack and die early. You want to bury fat ass, no? Then I suggest you stop whining for someone else to do your job and get on with it.

Childhood obesity is not the problem of the neighbor, or the community or the town or the state or the country and therefore not the problem of the government, period. Those who feel they must whine about it are free to spend their own money to form a weekly circle of some sort where they can all hold hands and share feelings of inadequacy, for example. So long as the taxpayer isn't forced to pay for such stupidity, I'm all for people whining amongst themselves.

I'm so sick of this nanny-state mentality, everywhere you turn it's government this and government that, all useless and all paid for by us without any bloody say in it.

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  1. Govrnment only wants an excuse to have more control over our lives. The government needs to piss off, royally.


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