Leftist scum at work

National Post - Roving gangs of black-clad protesters who split from the main protest march engaged in violent hit-and-run attacks against corporate and security targets, largely evading police for hours who remained focused on maintaining a secure perimeter around the world leaders meeting for the G20 summit. A sign of the apparent upper hand protesters gained was stark as bright flames and black smoke spewed from two police cruisers that were set ablaze and left untended by emergency crews for perhaps 20 minutes in the late afternoon.

Other police cruisers were abandoned by police and commandeered by protesters. One young man used the car’s loudspeaker to amplify his war cry before it was heavily damaged and looted. A crowd milled about, testing the sirens and urging an inebriated man to continue smashing it. Then even Toronto police headquarters itself, a dominating building on College Street near Bay, was hit. A band of rioters, most with heads covered by hoods and faces masked, hurled rocks, paving bricks and bats.
I saw some of the footage on the evening news, these are leftist scum and will only understand that they are not welcome when force is used to scatter them. But naturally the western world is far too weak-kneed and spineless to do anything about it. If a couple of us headed down there and whipped the lot of these shitbags, we'd be the ones up on charges, that's all the western world seems capable of doing now, shooting itself in the ass.

I should also add that these scumbags and the parasites harboring them will get away with all this because they are leftist scum, can you imagine if there was a Tea Party protest and a small number of them turned violent, you think the scumbag media would be waffling about vague 'groups' and 'protesters', no way, they'd be smearing for all they're worth and demanding every single Conservative on the planet apologize and grovel on national TV for it.

Until we learn to hit back, every cheek will keep getting slapped and ordinary law-abiding people will keep picking up the tab either through their taxes or paying for the damage to their property.


  1. We can tolerate peaceful protest, in fact we demand that right and most civilized governments allow it, although at times they may not appreciate it. But these radical crazies are anything but peaceful and they thrive on violent protest, apparently it's the only thing they understand. They are fully aware that the more windows they break, the more cars they overturn, the more attention they garner in the world press. They also know that their violence will be met with only controlled force and in the end they will inflict more damage to others than they get in return from the authorities. This if anything encourages them to even greater acts of violence. It seems as time progresses the violence of these groups intensifies. The only way to end their madness is with overwhelming force and jail those who break the law with long term sentences they will not soon forget. The authorities in all countries have been far too restrained in dealing with these thugs and their lack of decisive action has increased the boldness of these anarchist!

  2. Peaceful protests should be encouraged but this violent nonsense by these Leftist anarchists must be stopped. There is so much hypocrisy it is sickening. The MSM make up crap about us and are ignorant and useless numbskulls when it comes to the Left. The MSM media lies, hides the truth and are a bunch of coverup for the Left's agenda. Honest reporting in Journalism within MSM is dead in America. We the people are reviving honest journalism though.

  3. There will never be honest journalism while the two sides of the argument are Left and centre/right. Journalists know that the Left will cut them off dead unless they receive favourable treatment, whereas the Right will continue to talk to them, no matter what.


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