krudd is finished - MINISTER Kevin Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan have been abused on Perth's main strip by mine workers returning from a fiery protest. More than 2000 mine workers, supporters and families opposed to the government's mining super-profits tax rallied in a Perth park outside the hotel where Mr Rudd was to address a media lunch today.

As the rally ended and the protesters dispersed, many crossed paths with the two politicians heading toward the hotel. It was soon evident the pair were in enemy territory, with abuse hurled from nearby buildings and calls of "You're a dud Rudd" from across the street.
You know when dyed-in-the-wool labor voters, the people who labor is supposed to be looking out for are turning on kevin rudd, that it's over for kevin. I still remember in the last election when John Howard was shunned by a worker on some site, I never thought I'd see worse happen to a labor PM. Put the spin and labor bullshit aside and it's pretty obvious, kevin is a loser walking on borrowed time.

And in a way, even if this mining tax isn't as horrendous as we think it'll be, even if kevin has actually done his math on this, it doesn't matter anymore. rudd has moved into the loser boyfriend/husband status. When this happens, the people around said loser give up and it's not just that they stop believing them, they stop caring.

kevin rudd had the electorate eating out of his hands not long ago, no conservative would ever be in his position, yet somehow this fool of a man managed to squander that. Now whatever kevin rudd says, no one will believe him, people won't even listen to him. Even if by some miracle, rudd comes up with a brilliant idea, we won't touch it because it came from kevin.

Just take your sauce bottle and go kev, don't whine, don't cry, don't talk, don't call us, we'll call you, just go.


  1. Watching the community cabinet meeting on APAC yesterday, krunt got a question from "self-funded retiree" as he described himself. The question was a bit silly-old-bugger but its premise was the meeting was all spin. Instead of treating the man with respect and moving on to the next question, krunt decided to ridicule him. First a show of hands of those who disagree and then list examples of why the man got it wrong. Finish him off with a personal address "you've got the wrong end of the stick, mate" or somehing like that. Krunt had a point but he was nasty to the old bugger for no reason.

  2. rudd is going to have more of those moments, he's gotten wind that he's not liked anymore and he'll be lashing out more often. I hope he does, that way more people will see what he's really like.

  3. was half expecting the silly prick to roll up his sleeves, pull out a notepad and say "ok go ahead, I'm listening"


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