Perhaps if they had been white

Yahoo! News - World Cup organisers Monday ruled out a ban on the vuvuzela horns that have been driving some players and broadcasters mad, with FIFA president Sepp Blatter defending the instrument on Twitter. ..."I don?t see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country. Would you want to see a ban on the fan traditions in your country?" Blatter wrote.
Bullshit! See below, the color of your skin makes all the difference. Whatever non-whites do is just fine no matter how irritating, primitive or savage, whatever whitey does and wherever he does it is all wrong. Racism is well and truly alive folks, just that it's the acceptable form now.
SUN News - SOCCER fans were stunned after they were banned from unfurling their St George flag at a Premier League match – because it could be deemed racist.

Thaindian News - British bin men have been warned that they will be sacked if they fly England flags on their lorries during next month’s World Cup in South Africa.

News24 - The old South African flag has been banned from Cape Town's 2010 soccer stadium, along with items such as teargas and pointy umbrellas.
So if you want that irritating noise gone, just make sure it's all whites blaring the horn and just a few blacks whining about it. If that's too hard, just get some teary-eyed muslims to complain, just make up some bullshit story about this vuvuzela horn being first used as some sort of battle rally instrument by Nubian savages when they massacred flower-gathering muslims back in 500 BC.

It can be the craziest sounding bullshit story you've ever hear with no evidence whatsoever, it doesn't matter because the pc crowd are too stupid and/or frightened to pick up a book to verify it.

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