Enemies of the west

News.com.au - SOME 2000 protesters have marched noisily through the streets of Toronto, flanked by hundreds of wary police in the first major demonstration against two global summits being hosted by Canada. Brandishing banners proclaiming "Smash imperialism" and "Down with the G20," the demonstration overnight united 30 groups including environmentalists, anarchists and those demanding rights for indigenous peoples, immigrants, gays and women. ...In September black-clad, masked anarchists fought running battles with US police at a G20 summit in Pittsburgh when young anti-G20 protesters defied police orders and tried to march on the summit venue.
You can read the entire article but you won’t any reference to what these scumbags really are. All we get is ‘protesters’ or just groups of people, as if it’s Baptists, Catholics or African Pygmies marching. Just look at what they’re wailing about and anyone with half a brain will know these are leftist, marxist, socialist scum hell bent on overthrowing western democracies and imposing their particular brand of leftist fascism upon the rest of us, violently if they have to.

It’s just like with islamofascism, they too want to impose their primitive and savage way of life upon us, violently if they have to. We have all these problems in the west because we’re either too cowardly to name them or we’re aligned with and are actively covering for them.

Instead of naming and dealing with them, we weasel around them pretending they’re peaceful or it’s just a few nutjobs and that they have a legitimate place in civilized society. The following shows they’re quite easily dealt with, you just need to grow a pair.
Fox News - Iran canceled sending an aid ship to the Gaza Strip which was supposed to set sail for the Palestinian territory on Sunday, state news agency IRNA reported. "The trip is not going to happen," Hossein Sheikholeslam, secretary general of the International Conference for the Support of the Palestinian Intifada, an Iranian body set up by parliament, told reporters on Thursday, IRNA said.

He said the ship had originally been due to depart on Thursday, but "due to restrictions from the occupying Zionist regime, it was decided that this ship would leave on Sunday. But now the trip is not going to happen."
Remember back when the Zionists thwarted their coalition of leftist and islamist hate, they came out thumping their chests saying this meant war and promised military escorts with the next flotilla of hate, come Zionists, we'll @#$%ing show you, that sort of thing. But now that the time has come, we find them mullahs are sporting pastel colored frilly panties.

I don't know how these things are perceived on the arab street ayatolla-assahola, but here in the western world, that sort of empty bluster means you lot are really just Zions bitches.

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