Israel faces coalition of leftist and islamist hate

Below are some of the hate-filled rantings received by Andrew Bolt for daring to put all the facts on the table. As I've always known, this is not about freeing palestine or any such shit. For the islamists and leftists in the west and elsewhere, this is, was and always will be about finishing what adolf hitler and the nazis started all those years ago.

Fuck you jewish bastard !!!!!!!! oh how i wish tht Hitler should have blasted ALL of you !!!!
by Osama Bin Laden

Andrew Bolt should watch his back
by peace activist

the worst article ive ever read. THIS IS BULLSHIT, i cant believe the herald sun published this shit…
by someone normal of melbourne

Go live in Israe-hell Bolt you dirty Zionist lackey.You wouldn’t have a job if you didn’t cowtow to these filthy Jews.Most of my mates reckon you’re an CIA operative anyway and Israel is probably where you belong.
by JK of Lalor

Maybe Adolph was onto something afterall.
by Ted Thorne

Some more videos of the coalition of hate below, preparing to attack IDF soldiers.

And one of a brave Jewish protester surrounded by leftist and islamist hate, catch the muslim at the very end demanding Israel be wiped out.

Make no mistake westerner, if they manage to wipe out Israel, you'll be next.

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