Ban the burqa! - CHRISTIAN Democratic Party MP Fred Nile has succeeded in introducing a bill to ban the wearing of the burqa in the NSW Upper House. Mr Nile introduced his private member's bill, seeking to ban the wearing of the burqa and other face veils in public, shortly after 8pm yesterday (AEST). Last month, a debate on the same bill was voted down by the NSW Upper House.
Naturally, the usual leftist scum [greens] are caterwauling about it, wailing about racism, bigotry and what not. The fact that islam is not a race simply bounces off their thick skulls, like every other fact out there. The fact that they would never allow Christians such special treatment because of their religion bounces right off their hypocritical skulls. You see, it's not all religion that leftists want to shun, it's only Christianity.

I doubt very much that this will actually become law in this state, you see everything first has to turn to shit and no other option has to be available, like in Europe, before enough of us will figure out ass from elbow. There is no such thing as learning from the mistakes of others these days, that and the fact that our politicians are largely gutless weasels.

None the less, I commend Fred Nile for taking this brave stance against the burqa, he is 100% right on banning this thing, no one else in this country is allowed to walk around with their face covered. You can't walk into a bank with your face covered, you can't drive around and refuse to show your face to a police officer. No one is allowed to do it, except muslims and that is not right.

No matter how much leftists want to please their islamist pimps, neither they nor muslims should have extra privileges that are denied to the rest of us, if they don't like it, feel free to eff off from Australia, there are flights leaving from every major city by the hour.

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  1. You know, now that we'll be seeing a whole lot more of Julia Gillard on TV, maybe it's time to rethink this whole burqua thing. If ever there was a walking endorsement for a woman wearing a bag over her head, it's got to be our Julia.


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